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The Next Einstein Competition

2019 Winners

Getting rid of disposable diapers in rural areas

Disposable diapers are causing health and environmental problems in rural areas. This is because rural areas do not have dumping sites. If we can use cattle dung and chicken manure that are mixed with sawdust to burn the disposable diapers.

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Submitted Mar 23rd, 2017

Detector device for the patient

Patients don't take their medication correctly and the government is wasting a lot of money so they need to be tracked by their service stations to monitor if they are taking their medication properly

Submitted Mar 23rd, 2017

Culture and Heritage

Our Culture and Heritage is disappearing, for example Social History, Values, Beliefs, Religion, Foods, Clothes, and how houses were built and how land was occupied, even the use of our own Language Xitsonga.

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Submitted Mar 23rd, 2017

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